emotional behavioral disorders

Fixed Perspective of Behavior

Uncooperative, difficult, defiant, rude, disrespectful, naughty, etc.

Growth Perspective of Behavior

Communication, skill-based deficits, mental health, regulation.

Implementation is the residue of design, and when done with fidelity provides a proactive and responsive approach to teaching. EVERY student in our classrooms can be supported during implementation when we believe… …that it is our ROLE to support the learning outcomes of EVERY student. …that we need to establish RELATIONSHIPS with EVERY student. …that…

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Planning… such an essential component of education. There is a definite scope and sequence to our work. A process that supports effective instruction and classroom management. When we plan we consider so many factors; curriculum, test scores, class size, time, resources, classroom management, systems and routines, just to name a few. Each derived from expectations…

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Within the sphere of education there are many different titles. There are the members of a school board, custodians, psychologists, general education teachers, the superintendent, paraprofessionals, counselors, various administrators, principals, special education teachers, specialists, social workers, school nurses, cafeteria staff, etc. This list is by no means exhaustive, however it is representative of the varied…

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Invisible Obstacles - Designed with the Vecteezy Editor

If you spend any time on social media it is likely that you have seen the image of three children watching a baseball game in two different scenarios. The first scenario is labeled equality. It depicts the three children, each of different heights (one short, one average, and one tall), all standing on a same…

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Ebb and Flow

Every social situation that we encounter has a distinct culture. Consider a grocery store. Have you ever heard the sound of a glass jar crashing to the floor? Or possibly witnessed the toppling of a perfectly arranged stack of boxed cookies? Surely, you’ve been in the check-out line and witnessed a child screaming in agony…

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Why Not Inclusion? - When you look at it like that, inclusion just doesn’t make sense because you don’t need to include someone that is already considered to be part of the group.

In terms of education, inclusion is probably my least favorite word. I don’t like using it and I never liked referring to my classroom as inclusive. Anyone who knows me is probably thinking what? That makes no sense Christina. You have spent your entire time as a parent and a large majority of your career…

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