What is Equitable Teaching?

It is a mindset really. A way of approaching your practice as a teacher. It doesn’t matter if are new to teaching or have been teaching for decades any educator can have an Equitable Teaching Mindset. The best part is, when teachers benefit, students benefit! That is what Equitable Teaching is all about.

I only have a few years until retirement, why would I learn this now?

Well, as we all know, it doesn’t matter if it is your first year or your twenty-fifth year, what you do as a teacher impacts student success. So why not end your career making the biggest difference possible in the lives of your students!

I am a special education teacher/paraprofessional/specialist/administrator/parent, is Equitable Teaching for me?

Yes! Equitable Teaching is a mindset, a way of approaching education. General education teachers need support to ensure that they are accessible to the learning outcomes of every student in their classroom and students need the support of their educational team. The success of students is highly dependent on the likemindedness and collaboration of educational teams.

Are the portfolio projects on your resources page really free for me to use?

Yes! Equitable Teaching is my passion and I have always led with the mentality of “What is best for students?”.  Therefore, the more ways I can support teachers that choose to have this teaching mindset the more students will benefit.  It’s a win, win! I invite you to join the Equitable Teaching Community via Facebook and subscribe to receive emails to stay up-to-date as new resources become available.

Does Christina do speaking engagements? Outside of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area?

Yes I do! If you are interesting in talking to me further about your event please fill out the Request More Information form and check the box for speaking engagements.

And yes I can, however my availability is limited during the school year due to my full-time position as a Special Services Coordinator.  Please contact me via the Request More Information form and note your location in the comments section.

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