I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about Equitable Teaching! The logo for Equitable Teaching may seem like just a typical logo but for me it represents so much more. With the amazing support of Amanda from Zossdesign we were able to come up with something that I feel truly represents…

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I believe in challenging the status quo of the current educational system and that all students should have their learning outcomes met through the accessibility of their general education teacher.

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Mindset Guide and Coaching

Through Equitable Teaching, my mission is to help support the individual professional and personal development of general and special educators, paraprofessionals, specialists, interventionists, administrators, parents and any other stakeholders that have a desire to cultivate an environment that sustains the learning outcomes of every child. This mindset is essential for the development of staff that…

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Believe Differently

What Is Your Role?

Within the sphere of education there are many different titles. There are the members of a school board, custodians, psychologists, general education teachers, the superintendent, paraprofessionals, counselors, various administrators, principals, special education teachers, specialists, social workers, school nurses, cafeteria staff, etc. This list is by no means exhaustive, however it is representative of the varied…

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Invisible Obstacles - Designed with the Vecteezy Editor

Invisible Obstacles

If you spend any time on social media it is likely that you have seen the image of three children watching a baseball game in two different scenarios. The first scenario is labeled equality. It depicts the three children, each of different heights (one short, one average, and one tall), all standing on a same…

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Ebb and Flow

A Fluid Classroom Culture

Every social situation that we encounter has a distinct culture. Consider a grocery store. Have you ever heard the sound of a glass jar crashing to the floor? Or possibly witnessed the toppling of a perfectly arranged stack of boxed cookies? Surely, you’ve been in the check-out line and witnessed a child screaming in agony…

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Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills

Examples of explicit skills to be taught and the supporting data collection for a variety of classroom activities. Check back frequently as new skills are added often.

Redirecting Behavior

Changing behavior is a marathon, not a sprint – we don’t expect kids to learn to read or do math in day or even a week – the same is true for changes in behavior.

Organizational Systems

Classroom systems designed to support the overall structure and organization of classroom routines. Check back frequently as new systems are added often.