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We believe in challenging the status quo of the current educational system and that every student should have their learning outcomes met through the accessibility of their general education teacher. We know that we are not alone in this belief! By sharing this message through Believe Differently, providing resources through the portfolio, and creating a…

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What Is Your Teaching Mindset?

What is Your Teaching Mindset?

At the core of every educator is a belief system that guides their practice. The challenge lies
in consistently reflecting on this personal belief system to ensure that it continues to lead
instruction in a manner that supports the needs of every student they encounter.

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Believe Differently

Could it be cognitive dissonance?

When our beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes conflict within ourselves we are experiencing cognitive dissonance, according to a theory developed by Leon Festinger (1957). Imagine you are trying to save money for a down payment on a house and you order a $50 steak or buy a $200 pair of jeans. That nagging or uneasy feeling…

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Communicate Without Speaking

Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

Visuals can be used to communicate, teach, and provide information. Anytime you can pair visual information with auditory information, understanding increases. Check back frequently as new visuals are added often.

Differentiating Instruction

Differentiation examples that demonstrate how to meet students at their skill level. Should be personalized to meet the individual needs of students. Check back frequently as new examples are added often.

Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills

Description of how to teach explicit skills, guiding questions for a variety of skill areas, and supporting visuals.  Each provides a good starting point for teachers to consider what skills might be missing. Can be personalized to meet the routines in your classroom and the individual needs of students. Check back frequently as new skills are added often.